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I thought I’d try something a little different by making ‘audioblogs’ of new blog posts, so you can download and listen to them whenever and wherever if you don’t have time to read

Just right click on the images for each post, and “save link as”

All posts with an audioblog version I’ll list here for download, alongside a link to the written post (click on the title). 

I’ll probably be playing around with the format a bit as time goes on, but do let me know if you have any feedback/suggestions/ideas.

Osedax: Ancient Bone Eaters

Somewhere, in the depths of the ocean, a marine ambrosia descends from above; the body of a dead whale.  Despite the depth, the corpse won’t be in solitude long; a mini-ecosystem will soon erupt around it, one that could last a decade. The body draws hag fish, sea cucumbers, rat tail fish, brittle star fish, a host of other invertebrates and myriad species of bacteria, all come to feast on the marine bounty. And soon the ‘bone devourers’, Osedax, come too.


Flying Mammals and a Jumping Gene

brown-bat2Within our DNA are the remains of thousands, maybe millions, of genetic nomads. They once roamed free through the landscape of our genomes; now most are silenced and still, unable to move. These are the ‘jumping genes’, or ‘transposable elements’ to give them their proper name; curious stretches of mobile DNA.