The end of the sciencehubb website *sad face*

Hi all, Just to let you know, I’ll be shutting down the website on (or around) the 25th of this month. I’ve not updated it for some time (years!) now that I’m working at the University of Oxford and no longer freelance science writing. Huge thanks to those of you who come here and have found what you read interesting! You the real MVP. So, with sadness, byeeee! All the best,   Gavin 😢 P.S. you can still get hold of me at in the future, I’ll keep the email address, just not the hosting. Though it might be patchy for a week or two around the 25th.

A dried up celibate kleptomaniac

If there’s one thing that biologists agree on, it’s that sex is good. Really good*. Huge amounts of time and energy are invested in it. Well, alas, not so much in the act per se, as much as in finding a way to have sex; to tempt a mate or dispatch a rival. But is it really worth the ego busting knock-backs, the frustration, the time and energy? One quirky animal certainly doesn’t think so; it’s had a dry patch on a geological timescale. For the last 80 million years or so a small pond and fresh water dwelling animal called a bdelloid rotifer has done away with sex, and males, entirely. How has it managed for so long without sex? Simple. It steals.

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