Space weather: Pretty, but dangerous?

We are increasingly hearing about the possible danger of ‘Space weather’, but what is it? And what harm can it cause? THE sun is no simple light bulb. Far from being a static, albeit bright, blob of burning gas the sun is dynamic and mutable. Similar to Earth it also has its own peculiar types of season: the solar cycle. This is measured by the number of spots on the sun’s surface and, like human ...(Read More)

Cholera’s Spring Loaded Nano-dagger

Bacteria have a number of tools to fend off foes or attack competitors, but now a new method can be added to the list: a spring-loaded dagger Research published in Nature by scientists at the Harvard Medical School and the California Institute of Technology investigated the structure of a mechanism used by the bacteria vibrio cholera to kill both competing bacteria and human cells, called the Type VI Secretary System (T6SS) in the cholera bacterium. ...(Read More)

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