Why read about Science?

This post is about why should anyone bother to write about science, to ‘do’ science writing. But really I’m interested in two other things here, consider this post a conversation starter. Firstly, you, the reader, why do you read about science? Or if you don’t, what would it take for you to do so? (Also, how did you get here?) And secondly, science writers, why do you think science writing is important? Why should people write about science? What do I mean by science writing? Firstly, I guess it applies equally well to ‘science communication’ in general, but I want to focus on science writing here. Not actual scientific papers and journals, I’m more thinking of anything that takes that kind of information in one end and squirts out something more accessible to a non-specialist at the other end. It can be anything along the spectrum from blogging and social ...(Read More)