Bioluminescent Proteins Shed Light On The Inner-life Of Neurons

It could almost be the negative of a view from a plane over a busy city at night. The lights of vehicles moving in and out, clusters of traffic; a city going about it’s business. But this city is a brain cell. A neuron. The roads are axons and dendrites; long slim projections that send (axons) and receive (dendrites) electrical impulses to and from the cell body. The lights aren’t cars, but proteins moving up and down the axons and dendrites. But they are definitely lights; of a sort. Much like post at a large sorting office, cellular proteins are sorted into groups, depending on where they are needed. This is done by the ‘golgi apparatus‘, the cells sorting office. Proteins are packaged into vesicles and are targeted to different areas, be it axon, dendrite, or elsewhere. The packages are attached to a group of proteins called Myosins that carry cargo along a kind of scaffold inside ...(Read More)