Fall Fashions: Red or dead…?

 “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus This is certainly true of the autumn here in Ontario. It’s spectacular. Parks and woods are alive with colour; yellows, oranges, golds and reds so impossibly deep it’s like a new kind of black. Some trees are a near uniform gold, others are a tortoiseshell mottling of all the hues of the autumnal palette. As the daylight hours dwindle and temperatures drop the trees respond; these are the signals to make ready for the coming winter. Veins in the leaves start to close, reducing the flow of sap, and production of the green pigment chlorophyll halts as trees reclaim nutrients and energy from leaves before finally shedding them. As it does so, the veil of chlorophyll is lifted; the tree line turns yellow, orange and gold. And red. For years the reds and purples—due to a ...(Read More)